First Watch is the largest breakfast and lunch restaurant in the United States. After starting in 1983, they have grown by serving always-fresh food, providing great customer service, and delivering on a “You First” attitude. This has allowed them to deliver what customers want in a family environment. They’re a big company that has retained their small company feel.

  • Headquarters: University Park, FL
  • 6,000 employees
  • Located in 26 states

“We are a relatively new client of FBC and very pleased with the level of service and knowledge received as we navigate through the health insurance world today. The leadership of Chris Durkin and the assistance that the FBC team provides is not only helpful but invaluable. First Watch Restaurants could not be more satisfied with our decision to partner with FBC Insurance, Benefits & Consulting.”

Ken Pendery – CEO, First Watch

Why First Watch Chose FBC

After using the Mercer Companies as benefits consultants, First Watch felt they would receive the same top-level of expertise from FBC Services. Our closer personal attention and customized design strategy was a perfect fit for their workforce, which contains many variable hour employees.

What FBC Did For First Watch

Our initial review of the First Watch benefit plan identified a traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach to the medical plan and ancillary programs which did not address the needs of the employees relative to wage levels and millennial interests.


First Watch, like many other growing employers, offered a single medical plan appropriate to only a narrow segment of their wage population. They also did not offer a consumer-driven option. FBC recommended we ladder the medical plan options to allow a broader fit of the wage levels and introduced a Health Savings Account with an appropriate level of employer funding to encourage wise use of health care and complement retirement levels. We also structured in a tax advantage savings element. FBC felt this would resonate with the “wellness as a business strategy” approach we advocate to all our clients.

FBC also correctly structured an Affordable Care Act compliant plan option to allow hourly employees to comply with the individual mandate provision of the ACA. In subsequent years, we redesigned the disability plans to adequately meet the needs of those employees who serve the customers of First Watch, further integrating our wellness strategy. We are presently expanding the menu choices on the benefit platform to be sure we offer a “You First” employee environment for the company.


Shortly after beginning our engagement with First Watch, FBC was tasked with managing the benefit component of a very large merger. After negotiation and building a common benefit structure between diverse cultures, we were able to handle communications with YouTube videos and customized benefit communications.


In two short years, First Watch has grown from 170 restaurants to over 300 in 26 states. Benefits are offered on a common benefit administration platform integrated with payroll. Costs have been reduced by 19% and benefits options are available to every segment of employees. First Watch will continue to grow comfortably as they have developed infrastructure to handle the growth.


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Helping First Watch with the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has particular impact to any organization with variable hour employees. First Watch chose to not only comply with the law, but to do so in a manner that was simple and consistent. FBC has particular expertise in the specifics of the Affordable Care Act and was able to construct a compliant-benefit design which First Watch worked with on a budgeting basis. FBC understands our job is to translate the details of ACA compliance into actionable benefit plans which can be managed by our clients and foundational to their success with employees.

About FBC Insurance, Benefits & Consulting

We are one of the oldest locally owned insurance and benefits consulting companies in Arizona. Throughout the industry, FBC is known for our high ethical and performance standards. In the 33 years we’ve been in business, we’ve continued to grow without losing sight of these founding values.

Today, FBC is licensed in 20 states and serves more than 300 major employers throughout the country. Our team guides our clients through the near-constant evolution of the healthcare industry and the impact such changes have on employee benefits. We enhance the value of compensation and help the companies we work with navigate around potential risks.